honey from raspberry blossom

Our Raspberry Blossom Honey  is produced by Honeyview Farm's own Bee Colonies from Raspberry blossom in Fraser Valley BC Canada. It is guaranteed to be 100% Pure and Graded as Canada No. 1.

Canada No. 1  grade

No food additives or preservatives have been added.
The honey has not been pasteurized.

The bees that help make our raspberry blossom honey pollinate raspberry bushes right before we harvest, so hints come through creating a light and flavorful honey with raspberry and floral undertones. We never overharvest or mix our honey with other ingredients (like fructose, agave or corn syrup). Our raspberry honey has a medium sweetness level and a fresh, floral taste.

We have different sizes

160g /jar,   330g /jar

500g /jar,  1kg /jar,  3kg /,

5kg / 15 kg