Honey from alfalfa blossom

Our Alfalfa Blossom Honey is produced by Honeyview Farm's own Bee Colonies from Alfalfa blossom in Alberta Canada. It is guaranteed to be 100% Pure and Graded as Canada No. 1.

No food additives or preservatives have been added. The honey has not been pasteurized.

Alfalfa Blossom Honey has a mild floral aroma and a fine delicate flavor. If you find other honeys overly sweet, then you’ll appreciate this light amber elixir. Chefs love it for baking as its flavor is subtle and not over powering. If you have a favorite tea, or granola, or any flavored treat that you want to gently complement with sweetness, this is the honey for you.

We have different sizes

160g /jar,   330g /jar

500g /jar,  1kg /jar,  3kg /,

5kg / 15 kg